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Solid brass body Key-in knob padlocks

Model# 83KNK

Enlarge Image

41/45 Series laminated steel padlock

Model# 4145KA

Enlarge Image

83/45 Series rekeyable solid steel padlock

Model# 8345RKC

Enlarge Image

Z-bar convertible rekeyable padlocks

Model# 8350200

Enlarge Image

83 ic series interchangeable core padlocks

Model# 83S

Enlarge Image


American lock 5260 series 2” solid steel padlock

Model# A5260

Enlarge Image

1-1/2” aluminum body padlocks

Model# A1106RED

Enlarge Image

5100 series 1-1/2” solid steel padlock

Model# A5100

Enlarge Image

1-3/4” aluminum body padlocks

Model# A1206KARED

Enlarge Image

5200 series 1-3/4” solid steel padlock

Model# A5200

Enlarge Image

700 series extra heavy-duty padlock

Model# 700

Enlarge Image

AL 50 series 1-3/4: solid brass body padlock

Model# AL50

Enlarge Image

5560 series 1-3/4” solid brass body padlock

Model# 5600

Enlarge Image

5570 series 2” solid brass body padlock

Model# 5570

Enlarge Image

1-3/4” case interchangeable core padlock

Model# A3562WO

Enlarge Image

Key control combination padlock

Model# MK425

Enlarge Image

7200 series 1-3/4” steel body tubular key padlock

Model# 7200

Enlarge Image

7260 series 2” steel body tubular key padlock

Model# 7260

Enlarge Image

7300 series 2-1/4” steel body tubular key padlock

Model# 7300

Enlarge Image

Multi-cylinder system padlocks

Model# A3601WO

Enlarge Image

Shrouded padlock

Model# A748

Enlarge Image

Solid hardened steel blade tumbler padlock

Model# AH10KA

Enlarge Image


high-security class 3 padlock

Model# 65391B

Enlarge Image


No. 5 laminated steel padlock

Model# 5KAA116

Enlarge Image

No. 1 “up” padlock

Model# 1UP

Enlarge Image

No. 3 “up” padlock

Model# 3UP

Enlarge Image

No. 5 “up” padlock

Model# 5UP

Enlarge Image

No. 1 laminated steel padlock

Model# 1KA

Enlarge Image

No. 7 laminated steel padlock

Model# 7KAMK

Enlarge Image

No. 15 laminated steel padlock

Model# 15KA

Enlarge Image

No. 17 laminated steel padlock

Model# 17KA

Enlarge Image

No. 81 laminated steel padlock

Model# 81KALJ

Enlarge Image

No. 220 rekeyable padlock

Model# 220

Enlarge Image

No. 230 rekeyable padlock

Model# 230

Enlarge Image

No. 2 laminated brass padlocks

Model# 2KAMK

Enlarge Image

No. 4 laminated brass padlocks

Model# 4KAMK

Enlarge Image

No. 6 laminated brass padlocks

Model# 6KAMK

Enlarge Image

No. 10 1: body warded padlock

Model# 10D

Enlarge Image

No. 22 1-1/2” body warded padlock

Model# 22KA

Enlarge Image

No. 500 1-3/4” body warded padlock

Model# 500D

Enlarge Image

No. 517 1-3/4” body warded padlock adjustable/removable shackle

Model# 517D

Enlarge Image

No. 21 wo laminated steel padlock

Model# 21

Enlarge Image

No. 25 wo laminated steel padlock

Model# 25

Enlarge Image

No. 27 wo laminated steel padlock

Model# 27

Enlarge Image

No. 101 laminated steel wide body padlock

Model# 101

Enlarge Image

No. 24 wo laminated brass padlock

Model# 24

Enlarge Image

No. 120 solid brass padlocks

Model# 120D

Enlarge Image

No. 130 solid brass padlocks

Model# 130D

Enlarge Image

No. 140 solid brass padlocks

Model# 140T

Enlarge Image

No. 150 solid brass padlocks

Model# 150D

Enlarge Image

No. 1500 combination padlocks

Model# 1500

Enlarge Image

No. 1525 key controlled padlocks

Model# 1525

Enlarge Image

No. 175 resettable combination padlocks

Model# 175

Enlarge Image

No. 176 set-your-own combination padlocks with key override

Model# 176

Enlarge Image

High-security shrouded padlock

Model# 6321KA

Enlarge Image

1-9/16” ic core brass body padlocks

Model# 6831

Enlarge Image

1-3/4” ic core brass body padlocks

Model# 6841

Enlarge Image

2” ic core brass body padlocks

Model# 6851

Enlarge Image

1-9/16” aluminum padlocks

Model# 141D

Enlarge Image

6400 pro series interchangeable core padlock

Model# 6427

Enlarge Image

6600 pro series door hardware cylinder padlock

Model# 6621

Enlarge Image

6500 pro series shrouded ic interchangeable core padlock

Model# 6527

Enlarge Image

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